[rabbitmq-discuss] init script

Matthew Sackman matthew at rabbitmq.com
Mon Mar 28 16:09:04 BST 2011

Hi Greg,

On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 09:37:23AM -0400, Greg Swallow wrote:
> I have questions about the init script.  I'm working with the version here:
> http://hg.rabbitmq.com/rabbitmq-server/file/rabbitmq_v2_4_0/packaging/common/rabbitmq-server.init
> I modified it a bit.

Why? Just curious - is there something you think we should be
incorporating into the init script ourselves?

> Specifically, I am curious about what this "$CONTROL wait > /dev/null 2>&1" line is.  I tried running "rabbitmqctl wait" and got an error back out of rabbitmqctl.  Am I missing something in my install?

see man rabbitmqctl:

              This command will wait for the RabbitMQ application to
              start at the node. As long as the Erlang node is up but
              the RabbitMQ application is down it will wait
              indefinitely. If the node itself goes down, or takes
              more than five seconds to come up, it will fail.

It was introduced in the 2.4.0 release.


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