[rabbitmq-discuss] [ANN] Netamqp, a client for AMQP-0-9-1 in Ocaml

Gerd Stolpmann info at gerd-stolpmann.de
Mon Mar 28 15:08:01 BST 2011


the ocaml team at Mylife is proud to release another library to the
public: Netamqp is a client of the AMQP-0-9-1 protocol. Netamqp is an
independent implementation of such a client, and not simply a wrapper
around a C library.  Netamqp has been tested against RabbitMQ.

The Netamqp client allows synchronous and asynchronous message
processing, the latter with the help of Ocamlnet's event loop.

The homepage is at: http://oss.wink.com/netamqp/. See there for download
links, and the online manual.

There is a GODI package for Ocaml 3.12: godi-netamqp.

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