[rabbitmq-discuss] Rabbitmq-Shovel Timer-Based Publishing Possible?

Allen Kim allen.kim at epicadvertising.com
Thu Mar 17 16:11:40 GMT 2011

I might have confused you using term transaction. My apologize if I did.
what I meant was a message.

For us, AMQP transaction is also required, since we do not ack. messages
one by one.

We are sending thousands of messages to other d.c., then commit when it is
reached to certain size.

I *also* want to commit the transaction by timer, so that I can *see* that
message is delivered and cleaned up(acknowledged).

I might have guessed wrongly that message is not delivered/consumed before
transaction is committed.
If you say the message is delivered/consumed before the transaction
committed(unacknowledged), it is good enough for us.


On 11-03-17 10:04 AM, "Matthias Radestock" <matthias at rabbitmq.com> wrote:

>Allen Kim wrote:
>> Sorry, I am not talking about guaranteed delivery, but I am talking
>> delivery on time.
>> Think about this situation,
>> Data center A has a transaction, which must be passed to data center B
>> 5 seconds.
>Where do AMQP transactions come into it? Why are you using them? I
>*thought* you employed them in order to ensure that messages got handled
>by the destination broker before ack'ing them to the source. That's what
>I mean by guaranteed delivery.
>If you didn't use tx then the whole time/size-based batching wouldn't

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