[rabbitmq-discuss] Client connect/disconnect events on the server side

Miguel Morales therevoltingx at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 23:01:59 GMT 2011


> Is the fact that a client has connected with a particular user name really
> indicating presence? Or is their presence perhaps only established when they
> start consuming from a queue?
Well, presence is established when they subscribe to an exchange.  The way I
have it now is that they have to 'announce' themselves when they log in by
publishing a message.

However, I currently have no way of knowing when they disconnect and be able
to tell the other clients that the user is no longer active.

> Unfortunately (for you) there is no log message containing the user name.
> Damn that sucks, I'll have to look through the archives and see if other
people give hints as to a proper solution.


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