[rabbitmq-discuss] VorpalBunny 0.2 Released

Gavin M. Roy gmr at myyearbook.com
Thu Mar 3 23:21:55 GMT 2011

I'm pleased to announce the next release of VorpalBunny, the Basic.Publish over HTTP PHP client for the RabbitMQ JSON-RPC-Channel plug-in. 

0.2 is slightly less bleeding-edge than its previous version and is currently being used in our production environment on a specific message type that has a fairly low publishing velocity.


- Increase timeouts for both JSON-RPC calls (3 seconds) and JSON-RPC Channels (5 minutes)
- Add multiple retry attempts on failure of opening a session or delivering a message
- Increase verbosity of exception messages

Download Links:

- tar.gz: https://github.com/myYearbook/VorpalBunny/tarball/0.2
- zip:  https://github.com/myYearbook/VorpalBunny/zipball/0.2

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