[rabbitmq-discuss] Message returned as unroutable even if consumer is listening

Jiri Krutil jiri at krutil.com
Wed Mar 2 09:02:17 GMT 2011


We are seeing some strange behaviour consistently after installing the  
2.3.1 broker on a new linux box (which did not occur yet elsewhere).

In our simple P2P setup, a client is sending messages to a server:

CLIENT -> exchange "request.CLIENT" -> queue "request" -> SERVER

We have two 2.3.1 Java client connections:
- connection SERVER is consuming from queue "request"
- connection CLIENT is sending messages to exchange "request.CLIENT"  
with routing key "request" with the immediate flag set

The queue "request" is bound to direct exchange "request.CLIENT" using  
binding key "request".

The problem is that all messages sent by CLIENT are returned by the  
broker as unroutable, even if we see a consumer listening on the  
target queue, which we believe is ready to consume messages.

Any ideas what to look at?

Excerpt from list_connections:
CLIENT   49963   running
SERVER   51526   running

Excerpt from list_channels:
<rabbit at PC14599.2.12386.23>     CLIENT      false   1       0
<rabbit at PC14599.2.12398.23>     CLIENT      false   1       0
<rabbit at PC14599.2.16100.23>     SERVER      false   1       0
<rabbit at PC14599.2.16103.23>     SERVER      false   0       0

Excerpt from list_exchanges:
request.CLIENT  direct

Excerpt from list_bindings:
request.CLIENT  exchange    request queue   request []

Excerpt from list_consumers:
request <rabbit at PC14599.2.16100.23> amq.ctag-/CYAYqR2c2xZxT2N8kSZTQ==   true

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