[rabbitmq-discuss] Realtime messaging or near realtime use rabbitmq ?

Benjamin Bennett benbennett at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 04:21:38 GMT 2011

I am working on volunteer project that use to be funded by my
company(hardware that is). We are still hacking away on it when we
Basically it is an autonomous car, not to standards that are seen in
the media but we are having fun leaving and just doing something

I introduced rabbitmq to my day project, very boring web app and it
has worked well.

I was wonder how well do you think rabbit would perform on a system
with very few publishers and subscribers but trying to get messages
very quickly.

The control systems have outer and inner control loops , so even if
rabbit completely failed it shuts itself down.

We are using IPC but difficult to code with and only works in c /c++.

Any  recommendations? I know I would want messages to "die" on a queue
rather quickly because they would be consider stale.

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