[rabbitmq-discuss] Every request is being processed more than once and giving double responses.

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Tue Mar 1 13:50:20 GMT 2011

Hi Waseem,

On 01/03/11 13:13, Waseem Hawaldar wrote:
> Hello,
> I am Waseem using RabbitMQ 1.8. I am facing the below mentioned issue:
> I fired 46 requests and after getting 3 responses , 43 requests were
> pending in request queue, Now when I restarted RabbitMQ server I am
> getting 87 responses.
> I observed that when I restart RabbitMQ all 46 requests are being
> processed once again without bothering about 43 pending requests.
> Finally after processing of all 46 requests it is processing that
> pending 43 requests. Henceforth giving 87 responses.
> So, I would like to know what is the solution for this.

Will you be able to run the following in between each of the steps you 

"rabbitmqctl list_queues name messages messages_ready 

It is likely that unacknowledged messages are being requeued and this 
command should show where that happens.



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