[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ 2.0 broker crashes

gus27 gustavo.bouzas at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 00:07:42 GMT 2011

Hi Matthew,

We are using RabbitMQ 2.2.0 on Windows 2008 Server (64-bits) with Erlang 

Today our broker crashed with the following error:
"Kernel pid terminated (application controller) 

The broker's log file shows the following annotations at the time of the 

=ERROR REPORT==== 11-Jan-2011::11:41:41 ===
** Generic server <0.178.0> terminating
** Last message in was {'$gen_cast',{delete,9}}
** When Server state == {state,
 "c:/Users/Administrator/AppData/Roaming/RabbitMQ/db/rabbit at WIN-BQANP1S30VP-mnesia/msg_store_persistent",
 "c:/Users/Administrator/AppData/Roaming/RabbitMQ/db/rabbit at WIN-BQANP1S30VP-mnesia/msg_store_persistent"},
** Reason for termination == 
** {{badmatch,{error,eacces}},

At the time of the crash, one of our modules was quickly consuming 50.000 
messages aprox from one of the broker's queues. Does this mean we are 
experimenting the same problem reported above?

(We have the "erl_crash.dump" file available, in case it helps to determine 
the cause of the crash).

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,
- Gustavo.

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