[rabbitmq-discuss] Permission on routing key

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Fri Jan 7 15:14:12 GMT 2011


underattack7 wrote:
> This looks interesting, however how can I allow a user to use a specific 
> exchange only ?
> Let's say we have an exchange:
> - exchange_main
> Then 3 exchanges bound to it:
> - exchange1 : bound to exchange_main with "site1".#
> - exchange2 : bound to exchange_main with "site2".#
> - exchange3 : bound to exchange_main with "site3".#
> then how can I allow :
> -user1 to create queue bound to exchange1 only
> -user2 to create queue bound to exchange2 only
> -user3 to create queue bound to exchange3 only

Rabbit's permission system is definitely capable of expressing that. 
You'd need to give each user read permissions for their exchange (only). 
And obviously configure, read and write permissions for their queue.


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