[rabbitmq-discuss] access control

mixtli mixtlispam at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 10:30:22 GMT 2010

  I have an app that will have a central controller which is fed data
from pollers around the internet.  I envision the controller having a
bidirectional communication with each poller.   Each poller should
only have access to it's own queues.

So I might have inqueue.bob, inqueue.jim, outqueue.bob, and
outqueue.jim as queues.  However, I don't know the names of the queues
until runtime.   I can create a queue from the ruby api i'm using, but
see no way to set its permissions.
I suppose I can shell out to the command line, though my broker lives
on another server, so I'd have to ssh.  I saw something about a
management console with an api.   Is that the recommended way to do
what I need?

Am I thinking about my model wrong?   I'm new to message queues.


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