[rabbitmq-discuss] Message stalls in the queue for long time

Peter Ledbrook peter at cacoethes.co.uk
Tue Nov 23 11:27:52 GMT 2010

> Thanks for your reply.
> Can you please give me a answer for this:
> If any Exceptions occurred in processing messages in queue handlers will make the message to stall in the queue?

I'm not sure about this. Exceptions shouldn't cause the listener
thread to fail, but I haven't tested it. If I have time, I'll look
into that.

> Which one is better Using RabbitMQ Grails Plugin or Using RabbitMQ Java client API?

The Java client API is more mature than either Spring AMQP or the
Grails plugin, but the latter will certainly make your life easier for
the simple cases. If you use the Java client API, you'd have to do a
fair bit more work yourself.

> Also is it possible to see the log of RabbitMQ about the details which client is placing the message and which client fetching it?

I don't know the answer to this question. Hopefully one of the
RabbitMQ developers can answer it.


Peter Ledbrook
Grails Advocate
SpringSource - A Division of VMware

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