[rabbitmq-discuss] Message stalls in the queue for long time

Peter Ledbrook peter at cacoethes.co.uk
Tue Nov 23 10:20:12 GMT 2010

Sorry, left off the list the first time.

> Thanks for your reply, I am using RabbitMQ Grails Plugin version 0.2. Am using the method signature and I used to pass a map object to this method. As you said my listeners are not working fine.
> void handleMessage(def textMessage) {
> }
> Also, the messages are not picked up again when I restart my application. Please help me to get through this.

First, I recommend testing the 0.3-SNAPSHOT version of the plugin:

   grails install-plugin rabbitmq 0.3-SNAPSHOT

That has a few fixes in it and may resolve your problem. If it
doesn't, then would you be able to attach a Grails project that
reproduces the issue to JIRA?


I can only think that the messages on the queues aren't matching some
sort of criteria and hence aren't being picked up by the message
handlers. It's obviously not because of the method signature, since
you don't specify a type (so all message types will be picked up). Are
there any differences between the messages that are picked up and
those that are left on the queue(s)?



Peter Ledbrook
Grails Advocate
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