[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ and Websockets

Marek Majkowski majek04 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 12:33:27 GMT 2010

On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 17:47, Christian Legnitto <clegnitto at mozilla.com> wrote:
> On Nov 4, 2010, at 10:26 AM, Marek Majkowski wrote:
>> I'm interested in creating a websockets plugin for Rabbit.
>> But I'm not really sure how you'd like to use it.
>> As a thing exposed to the wild internet?
>> Or just as another framing for AMQP?
>> Or as a wire protocol for STOMP?
>> (like this thing http://jmesnil.net/stomp-websocket/doc/)
> I was thinking more like http://jmesnil.net/stomp-websocket/doc/, as that's what I have been using. Of course, the more options the merrier :-) I can't really provide erlang help, but I'm sure I can poke the WebSocket guys here at Moz to provide any assistance required on that front.


I understand that tunneling STOMP over websockets is cool,
but I can't imagine a good use case for that.

For example, inside a datacentre I'd probably use just raw Stomp.
I would be quite reluctant to expose Stomp/websockets to users
over the internet, because of security concerns - the users will
effectively gain almost full control of the server (via stomp protocol).

Do you have a specific use case in mind?


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