[rabbitmq-discuss] Exception on TCP connection

Michael Bridgen mikeb at rabbitmq.com
Fri Nov 5 11:18:01 GMT 2010

Hi Dave,

> Every once in a while we notice this error in our RabbitMQ logs. Any idea what
> this means?
>   =ERROR REPORT==== 2-Nov-2010::19:37:31 ===
> exception on TCP connection<0.10945.3>  from
> {timeout,running}

It indicates missed heartbeats.

Have a look here:

and here:

> We run 2 RabbitMQ 2.0 nodes unclustered, sitting behind a load balancer.  Only 1
> RabbitMQ node active at a time in the load balancer. Second one  is there mainly
> for failing over to.
> When this happens the shutdown listener on the Java Client API does not fire in
> spite of having AMQP Heartbeats enabled.

Does the connection actually get closed though?  If I recall correctly, 
connections will only be forcibly closed if a client misses a number of 
heartbeats in a row (two I think).


 > There are no other significant entries
> in the logs. Just the standard "starting TCP connection",  "closing TCP
> connection", "accepted TCP connection" and "connection_closed_abruptly" entries
> (Connection closed abruptly is just the load balancer checking whether Rabbit
> node is alive).
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