[rabbitmq-discuss] Future of AMQP

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Wed Mar 31 12:00:01 BST 2010

Jeremy, Alexis,

>> (I'm quite happy with Rabbit, but this discord between iMatix and AMQP
>> came as a surprise to me.)
> Sadly, not to me.
> We get on well with iMatix who are good guys - so there is no discord
> there, nor is there discord between us and the AMQP WG.  Make of this
> what you will.

 From my point of view the decision to leave the AMQP working group - 
although it took me by surprise - is just a logical step. iMatix haven't 
been participating in AMQP working group since 0-9-1, its OpenAMQ 
implementation of AMQP is getting to the end of support in 2011 and the 
new product is not going to support AMQP. Having no stakes in the 
protocol anymore, leaving the group is a natural thing to do.


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