[rabbitmq-discuss] Crash reports for bug21673 branch

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Wed Mar 3 00:55:35 GMT 2010


scott w wrote:
> The whole file is hundreds of MB. I've attached a gzipped copy of the 
> first 10K lines of output from rabbit-sasl.log. The rabbit.log file 
> doesn't have anything interesting, just info level messages about 
> connections being established.
> I'm not forwarding to the main list since I don't want to send 66K of 
> data to everyone.
> Also to answer Matthew's question about which version I am using, here 
> is what "hg summary" reports:
> parent: 2781:9e0c76ab1039 tip
>  merge default ⇨ bug 21673
> branch: bug21673
> commit: 182 unknown (clean)
> update: (current)
> Any feedback would be helpful.

The first entry in the sasl log does indeed point to the problem:

=CRASH REPORT==== 27-Feb-2010::22:18:11 ===
     initial call: gen:init_it/7
     pid: <0.194.0>
     registered_name: rabbit_msg_store_gc
     exception exit: {unhandled_info,
       in function  gen_server2:terminate/6
     ancestors: [rabbit_msg_store,rabbit_sup,<0.76.0>]
     messages: []
     links: [<0.193.0>]
     dictionary: [{fhc_age_tree,{0,nil}}]
     trap_exit: false
     status: running
     heap_size: 10946
     stack_size: 24
     reductions: 42501230341

The bug that causes this got fixed on 18-Feb, whereas the version you 
are running is two days older. So updating your checkout to the latest 
version will give you happier rabbit.



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