[rabbitmq-discuss] General questions about HA, Stability/Reliability and Broker Administration

Christian Legnitto clegnitto at mozilla.com
Sun Jul 25 03:08:09 BST 2010

On Jul 24, 2010, at 5:18 PM, David Wragg wrote:

> Hi Scott,
> Scott Brooks <scott at beamdog.com> writes:
>> I think the problem with CentOS 5.5/EPEL is that it includes erlang
>> R12B-5(last I checked)
>> That's perfectly fine to get up and running on, but the general wisdom
>> AFAIK is if you are going into production you want to be on R13-B03 or
>> above for the GC improvements.
> It's true that R13 versions are preferred.  On the other hand, we
> currently support erlang versions back to R12-B3, and therefore rabbitmq
> is supported in EPEL5.  I hope that no-one wanting to try rabbit is
> investing hours of effort to build a later erlang version, unless they
> are sure that their application really needs it.
> David

I would like to chime in that it wasn't painful at all for me to install on a (fairly lean) VM of RHEL 5.5, which I think is the same as CentOS 5.5....here are my (sparse, old) notes:

* Couldn't find a rpm, looked for 5 mins (RHEL 5.5)
* Downloaded http://www.erlang.org/download/otp_src_R13B04.tar.gz
* unzipped, configure && make && make install
* failed with:
    configure: error: /bin/sh '/source/otp_src_R13B04/erts/configure' failed for erts
* yum install ncurses-devel
* configure && make && make install
* Installed to /usr/local/{bin,lib/erlang} (default)

I then create my own RabbitMQ rpm from source and install it (slightly more involved as there are more deps and the python on 5.5 is ancient, but not hard).  I can try to provide notes if someone wants them.

Is there a particular step you had issues with? Were you creating a rpm (or trying to find one in the assorted repos) for erlang instead?


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