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Hi Jon,

On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 11:25 PM, Jon Brisbin <
jon.brisbin at npcinternational.com> wrote:

> Is the spring-amqp stuff on a Maven repo somewhere yet? I'm thinking about
> branching my async cache stuff and trying to integrate it with spring-amqp.
Do you by any chance mean this spring-amqp code:
If so, there is nothing on any maven repo of that. Also it's not maintained
anymore. (Not by me at least ;) )

> Along those lines, what kinds of performance testing has this undergone?
> I'll be interested to see how it performs compared to a completely
> asynchronous send-receive pattern like I'm using now. I've found that I get
> better throughput if I don't directly send or receive any messages. I've
> been using consumers and dedicated message senders to handle all the
> messaging communication and use BlockingQueues exclusively for communication
> between the threads that actually do the work. It seems, in my cursory
> glances at the source code, that spring-amqp does something similar.

As it is not very well maintained and also what a first raw take at the code
it hasn't undergone much testing.

My suggestion is to wait a couple of more days for the first rabbitmq/amqp
integration from SpringSource. That should be available very soon in a RC1
stage. Anybody from SpringSource/RabbitMQ team should be able to give a
indication on this


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