[rabbitmq-discuss] Having some issues with RabbitMQ

Christian Legnitto clegnitto at mozilla.com
Sat Jul 17 22:54:11 BST 2010

Hey guys, I'm having some issues with RabbitMQ. It may just be me, my setup, may be real bugs, etc. Not sure and I would appreciate any help. I've wrote a more in-depth description here:


In a nutshell:

	1. I need to have a lot (100's?) of queues with a lot (10,000s?) of messages that may not be consumed in a timely manner.. this (obviously) falls down with the current persister
	2. I need to have a read-only user, but one that can potentially create queues it cares about for topic exchanes. This seemed to work in 1.7, doesn't in 1.8
	3. The new persister doesn't seem to solve #1, but perhaps I didn't configure it correctly (I didn't configure anything when using the branch other than the BQL user/pass)

I'm really excited about RabbitMQ and hope it can work for me!


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