[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq with one producer no consumer

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Thu Jul 15 16:24:46 BST 2010

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Darius Damalakas wrote:
>     > I think you should use some flow control. If your Rabbit has the
>     memory
>     > alerts turned on, then your producer can pick up the
>     > channel.flow/active=false and stop sending until you get the
>     active=true.
>     >
>     > Otherwise your sending of persistent message will eventually make
>     Rabbit run
>     > out of resources.
> IMHO, If it is not possible to store big amounts of messages, that will
> require storing them somewhere else. Which basically means implementing
> messaging logic twice.
> Is there a possibility to use a different database back-end for
> persisting messages?

Shall we learn from this thread that RabbitMQ can not deal 200k message
with a size of 300 bytes in a reasonable way? That's not much data.

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