[rabbitmq-discuss] New persister developments

Matthew Sackman matthew at lshift.net
Tue Apr 6 12:05:48 BST 2010

...and whilst I'm on the subject of annoucements...

The new persister (bug21673) received an awful lot af attention day and
night over the long weekend, gaining the ability to start up almost
instantly given a clean shutdown (i.e. rabbitmqctl stop, not kill!),
regardless of the volume of persistent messages stored in Rabbit. Even
with tens of millions of messages in there, start up is now on the order
of 10 seconds - likely 2 orders of magnitude faster than before.

If it isn't shutdown clean, fscking is still necessary, though even that
has been dramatically improved, now being able to do this work in
parallel (in some cases in parallel even if only restoring a single

You'll want at least revision e21206f4da2b, or any child of that
(currently none).

As ever, bug reports are most welcome!


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