[rabbitmq-discuss] Examining Queue Failover Behavior

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Tue Feb 17 14:25:14 GMT 2009

Dmitriy Samovskiy wrote:
> Speaking about tools. How doable/easy/difficult would it be to develop a tool to inspect 
> and/or replay persister log outside of the broker's erlang vm? Maybe not all of it but 
> only basic.publish methods. Such tool would be shipped with broker but will run as a 
> standalone process launched by user on demand.

Not just doable, but a very good idea. Contributions welcome :-)

Replaying is interesting: you'd need to be sure to somehow arrange for
the "REDELIVERED" flag to be set. That involves using a rabbit-internal
API, at present. (Unless you don't care about such niceties, in which
case a simple basicPublish to the default exchange (with an appropriate
routing key) for each non-acked message that's either untransacted or
part of a known-complete transaction would suffice.)

I'd do it in two stages: something that turned a persister-log into,
say, a mime/multipart document or equivalent ;-), and then a separate
tool that read such a file and injected its contents into rabbitmq. So a
batch-loading tool that's separate from a log-analysis tool.

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