[rabbitmq-discuss] Multiple subscription in the same thread

Wilson, Roger roger.wilson at lehman.com
Tue Feb 17 14:19:48 GMT 2009

This is the subscription code...

consumerTag = new Long(_consumerTagCounter++).toString();
_logger.info(String.format("Starting registration of consumer for
dispatch %s and consumer tag %s", _queueName, consumerTag));
_channelAMQP.basicConsume(_queueName, false, consumerTag, false, false,
_logger.info(String.format("Completed registration of consumer for
dispatch %s and consumer tag %s", _queueName, consumerTag));

This is within a Consumer derived object.  When the above snippet sat in
a loop over two queues it would often hang on the second subscription.
I have since adapted the code to use a topic subscription, side stepping
the issue.  Just wondering if it should have worked.


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Wilson, Roger wrote:
> This tends to work for a few calls and then when calling 
> Channel.basicConsume for the second queue it hangs.  Always the second

> queue.

The hang is unusual. That shouldn't happen. Are you using
server-generated or your own consumer tags? (Phrased differently: which
overload of Channel.basicConsume are you using, and if it's the one with
an explicit consumer tag, how are you building the consumer tag string?)

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