[rabbitmq-discuss] memory usage

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Wed Feb 11 11:50:40 GMT 2009

Hi Phil,

Philip Stubbings wrote:
> Why does the process still require 3G of memory even after 24
> hours of inactivity? 

Very good question. If you can post the code (producer and consumer)
that causes the problem, I can investigate.

> The second problem I have encountered is [... gen_server timeouts ...]

> =WARNING REPORT==== 5-Feb-2009::12:43:57 ===
> Non-AMQP exit reason
> '{timeout,{gen_server,call,[rabbit_persister,serial]}}'

> ../rabbitmq-server-1.5.1/scripts/rabbitmqctl list_queues -p /
> Listing queues ...
> Error: {badrpc, {'EXIT', {timeout, {gen_server,call,[<4472.2308.0>,{info,[name,messages]}]}}}}

The Erlang gen_server RPC mechanism uses, by default, a five second
timeout. On a busy system, this can be exceeded sometimes.

There's a known issue with the design of the persister such that when
there's a very large volume of persisted data, it can sometimes take a
long time to roll the persister log over -- longer than five seconds.
During this time, anything that calls the persister (e.g. with new work
for it to do, or a query regarding its status) will block, perhaps long
enough for the caller's timeout to fire.

We're in the middle of working out a good solution to this issue at the

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