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Valentino Volonghi dialtone at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 01:11:30 GMT 2009

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On Feb 10, 2009, at 12:12 AM, Alexis Richardson wrote:

> Got it.  Thanks.
> Are you able to replicate the failure on local machines?  I would
> understand if you do not have a local harness, but even so, that
> strikes me as the next step.  (Unless we all replicate your EC2 set-up
> which might be non-trivial)

I can replicate it yes. at some point message delivery slows down  

but I have to explain the system a little bit more:

shovel doesn't just forward messages, it waits until it receives X  
then packs them together and sends all at once, after that acks all of  
at once on the source rabbitmq. So in the second rabbitmq what used to  
a 600bytes message becomes a 40KB message (with compression and 1000
messages). On EC2 the memory problem is with the frontend mochiweb  
If I check the logs on the central rabbitmq in this configuration they  
are normal,
currently they are 8MB and the memory usage of that rabbitmq instance  
is 32MB.
Since shovel packs 1000 messages together the message rate the central  
sees is 1000 times less than the frontends (usually on peak it's 1  
message per
second for each frontend server). The logs on the frontend instead  
showed that
never-shrinking behavior.

I tried to run this test three or four times under the exact same load  
that I used on EC2 but on a single server internally. For the first 2  
tests everything
seemed to work fine, and actually memory usage on an x86-64 machine is  
lower than the 32bit machine on EC2 with a cold started system (100MB  
vs 300MB).
One thing though is that the rabbit_persister.LOG was never back to a  
value after the tests and basically I've never seen it shrinking (in  
either of the machines),
and this is both in the frontend and the central rabbitmq (that for  
this test setup were both
running in the same machine, during the tests the load on the frontend  
was 180%, not
maxed out by the test, and the central rabbitmq was around 1-5%).  
After the second
test though message delivery stopped even though the logfile was more  
than 140MB
in both the rabbitmqs.

I then started the test a third time and boom... After a while the  
memory usage started
ramping up unbounded until it reached more than 3.0gb per process  
(machine is 64bit)
at this point message delivery stopped completely, then when the load  
went down
a little bit it started again VERY slowly (1 message every 30 seconds  
on average).

At the end of the test the frontend was crashed completely using just  
10MB of memory
(it should use at least 100MB because it keeps in memory the geoip db  
for lookup),
and the central rabbitmq was at 3.7GB of memory used. Logfiles were  
about 180MB
on both and after a restart they were recovered and rolled so now they  
are basically
0 (and after restart another 2000 messages were delivered).

"unfortunately" I cannot check the number of delivered messages  
because the third
time I repeated the test I thought that it could have been a consumer  
problem in
that it could be too slow (even though I have 3 consumers kept alive  
by a process
pool that does what the supervisor does in erlang) so I switched my  
consumers to
a simple version that just gets them without saving them. So I only  
have an estimate
and that estimate is around 700.000 lines (700 messages) delivered  
while tsung
tells me it did 1.3M requests, of course there was a crash in the  
middle so I'd
say that the lines were delivered until the system was running. I  
should repeat it
and see if I can count all of them using the default consumers.

I'm now repeating the test again with more monitoring over requests  
done and the size
of the logs.

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