[rabbitmq-discuss] C Client Library?

Michael Artz mlartz at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 04:57:28 GMT 2009

> I initially tried modifying WireAPI with some success, but I could  
> not get a reliable build from the overly complicated build process.   
> After several hours of effort, I gave up and spent a half hour  
> modifying RabbitMQ to speak the 0.9 version of the AMQP wire  
> protocol.  It obviously doesn't implement the 0.9 new features, but  
> with the attached patch (against 1.4.0), the wire formats match such  
> that you'll be able to use WireAPI.

Thanks!  This is perfect, and will tide me over until the 0.9.1  
modifications are done.  I've been nothing but pleased with RabbitMQ  
so far ... keep up the good work, everyone!


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