[rabbitmq-discuss] getting started, broker runs; can't get status

christopher hoover ch at murgatroid.com
Thu Feb 5 09:21:11 GMT 2009

> christopher hoover wrote:
> > The inet_default bits are telling.
> So your problem is indeed the same as Billy's - somehow the settings
> for
> inet_defaults get garbled and end up being just one character - 'a' in
> your case and 't' in Billy's.

> The problem has all the hallmarks of some shell weirdness. OTOH, Billy
> is running bash, and I've also tried the rabbit scripts with dash with
> no problems.

It is a quoting problem.  I should have seen it before now.

The problem is that the new parameters are a glob:

ch at gato:/$ echo  [{nodelay,true},{sndbuf,16384},{recbuf,4096}]
a a a a [true,sndbuf,recbuf] [true,sndbuf,4096] [true,16384,recbuf]

I happen to have a directory named /a.   Billy, I would wager, happens to
have a directory name /t.

If I delete /a, it works with "cd /".


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