[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ+STOMP Plugin: Bulk Message Allocation Behavior?

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Tue Feb 3 19:46:23 GMT 2009

Hi Darien,

This is because acknowledgement and prefetch-windowing are orthogonal 
issues. RabbitMQ very recently gained prefetch-windowing control in the 
form of AMQP's "Basic.Qos" method, but there's no support for that in 
the STOMP adapter yet.

I'll take a look.


Darien Kindlund wrote:
> Hi Tony,
> Using: RabbitMQ 1.5.0 / Stomp 1.5.0
> Maybe you can shed some light on this.  I have a topic exchange setup
> with one (durable) queue bound to the exchange.  All messages sent to
> the exchange are using a single Net::Stomp perl process and have the
> proper routing key such that all messages get sent to the shared
> queue.
> I also have about 75 to 100 perl processes all using Net::Stomp which
> are subscribed to the same queue, receiving these messages.  Each perl
> process receives one message, processes the message, then sends back
> an explicit ACK (client => 'ack') to the queue in order for the
> message to be removed from the shared queue.
> Here are the order of events:
> 0) No perl processes are subscribed to the queue.
> 1) 50,000 messages are sent to the exchange and are routed to the
> queue (which are stored on the queue).
> 2) 50 perl processes start up and subscribe to the queue and start
> processing the messages.
> ... wait 1-2 minutes ...
> 3) rabbitmqctl shows that messages_ready=0, BUT
> messages_unacknowledged=messages_uncommited=30000
> 4) 10 new perl processes start up and subscribe to the queue.  At this
> point, these 10 new perl processes NEVER obtain any of the remaining
> 30,000 messages
> Here's the problem:
> I want each perl process to handle ONE and only one message at a time,
> yet it seems that RabbitMQ (or the STOMP adapter) pre-allocates more
> than one message per STOMP connection.  Bottom line: This means that
> one of the perl processes can be overloaded with messages while
> another perl process may not have any messages to process.
> Could you please confirm that this is, in fact, happening?  Next,
> could you provide a recommendation as to how I should resolve this
> issue?
> Thanks again,
> -- Darien

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