[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ or other AMQP Client on Embedded Systems

Martin Sustrik sustrik at imatix.com
Sun Feb 1 09:33:20 GMT 2009


> Were that the case, you might want to look at OpenAMQ's C client, I
> should imagine it compiles on a variety of architectures.

You may also have a look at 0MQ project (www.zeromq.org). It doesn't 
include AMQP broker so you would have to use RabbitMQ broker as the 
central point, however, upcoming 0.5 release is able to play part of 
AMQP client.

The advantages for embedded devices that it works on wide variety of 
platforms including real-time ones like QNX, it supports ARM 
microarchitecture, it's small (requires few kB of memory & disk space), 
and it's specifically tuned for real-time environments.


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