[rabbitmq-discuss] AMQP and Python

Oliver Beattie oliver at obeattie.com
Thu Apr 23 18:00:35 BST 2009

Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for replying so quickly. It's great to see the community is
so willing to share advice :)

You might find this useful as a link store:
> http://delicious.com/alexisrichardson/rabbitmq+python

Thank you for this, there looks to be a lot of good stuff there I hadn't
already seen :)

 - If you're not working with Twisted, or planning to, then using txAMQP is
>   out of the question. This is a litmus test - if you're doing Twisted
>   stuff you will surely want txAMQP; if not you will surely want
>   py-amqplib.

At the moment, no, we don't do anything with Twisted; though since we aren't
doing anything asynchronously right now (which is obviously changing), I am
open to start using it… I was considering running Django inside a Twisted
WSGI container, which would work I believe?

>  - I can't say anything in particular about qpid (btw, it's a broker, not a
>   client library - just in case that wasn't clear). I mention this because
>   you say you're going to use RabbitMQ but then you mention qpid.

Ah, of course. Sorry, my ignorance of this is showing :)

>  - Esteve Fernandez (who wrote the txAMQP code) told me the other day that
>   he'd managed to hook txAMQP up to Django. That's not released but he'll
>   surely be happy to send you the code if you want it. He's got a lot
>   going on just now, so may not reply until next week.

That would be awesome, I'd really love to see how that was done. Obviously
I'm just starting down the road of implementing this stuff and seeing how
others have done this would be a great help.

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