[rabbitmq-discuss] AMQP and Python

Terry Jones terry at jon.es
Thu Apr 23 17:43:55 BST 2009

Hi Oliver (and Alexis)

> I think most people are using txAMQP and py-amqplib.  I hear good things
> about both.  This is not meant to diss any of the other clients.  There
> are definitely some ways in which txAMQP and py-amqplib could be improved
> based on the use cases which folks wish to support.  I am not qualified
> to discuss those ways.

Nor am I :-)

But I can make a few quick points:

 - If you're not working with Twisted, or planning to, then using txAMQP is
   out of the question. This is a litmus test - if you're doing Twisted
   stuff you will surely want txAMQP; if not you will surely want

 - txAMQP also includes Thrift support
   (http://incubator.apache.org/thrift/).  That's really nice if you're
   interested in RPC. I use txAMQP all the time, and once you have
   exchanges and queues set up and bound etc., you can make regular Python
   Twisted calls to methods in remote services and you get back a Deferred
   that fires when the result is available. All this goes through AMQP but
   you're not aware of that - txAMQP hides all the details of thrift and
   AMQP.  I certainly wouldn't say it's simple to put all this together,
   but if you're heading in that direction you're likely going to want
   something like that anyway. But, see above comment - you have to drink
   the Twisted Kool-Aid.

 - I can't say anything in particular about qpid (btw, it's a broker, not a
   client library - just in case that wasn't clear). I mention this because
   you say you're going to use RabbitMQ but then you mention qpid.

 - We (at Fluidinfo) are using txAMQP all the time, and are committed to
   supporting and improving it.  We have not yet done much stress or
   performance testing, but we'll get there. It's a young project. There
   are a few people who regularly submit questions, test things, and submit
   fixes.  We are also very concerned with performance.

 - Esteve Fernandez (who wrote the txAMQP code) told me the other day that
   he'd managed to hook txAMQP up to Django. That's not released but he'll
   surely be happy to send you the code if you want it. He's got a lot
   going on just now, so may not reply until next week.

Alexis, please feel free to post your thoughts, or feedback you've had from
others, about how txAMQP might be improved. You, or anyone, can also submit
comments or questions via our Launchpad PPA. https://launchpad.net/txamqp

OK, hope that helps!


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