[rabbitmq-discuss] Advice needed on new 'feature'

Nemanja Stefanovic nemik at nemik.net
Thu Apr 23 06:32:00 BST 2009


Thank you for replying on this.

The auto_delete's per connection is a good idea. I had considered it but it
seemed like duplicating many bindings per connection per 'primary' queue
might have unnecessary overhead. I suppose there probably wouldn't be more
than a few per user, but how does creating new queues and ~15 or so bindings
for each affect system performance? The other reason for avoiding
re-creation of bindings each time is that the topics are collected from a
user-profile from a database. I really liked the exchange for this reason
because it allowed for minimizing DB-calls. I realize this is probably a
minor point though.

Lastly, the current 'primary' queue allows me to store messages/events in
it, so when the first client connects it can consume past messages and
display them in a "here's what you missed while you were away" kind of case.
I wouldn't be able to get this same behaviour with auto_delete queue's since
(as far as I know) there's no way to 'synchronize' their contents with the
ones of the' primary' queue.

As for acknowledgements, I'm not using them in this case so I'm not too
worried about that.


On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 12:12 AM, Matthias Radestock <matthias at lshift.net>wrote:

> Nemanja,
> Nemanja Stefanovic wrote:
>  What we want to allow though is for same user (or a default 'guest'
>> account) to log in from multiple places and receive from the same queue. Now
>> one way to do this I suppose would be to create an exchange per user to fan
>> out and have new temporary/auto_delete queue's for each connection
> Why don't you simply create an auto_delete queue and bind it to the
> existing topic exchange exactly in the same way as the user's "primary"
> queue?
>  So I modified the RabbitMQ-server code to add another boolean attribute to
>> each queue called 'broadcast'. When you declare a queue, you can turn on
>> 'broadcast' (default is false) and that will make all the current/active
>> consumers of the queue receive the message at once instead of round-robining
>> to a single consumer.
> How do acknowledgements work in this scheme?
> Matthias.
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