[rabbitmq-discuss] Advice needed on new 'feature'

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Thu Apr 23 06:12:17 BST 2009


Nemanja Stefanovic wrote:

> What we want to allow 
> though is for same user (or a default 'guest' account) to log in from 
> multiple places and receive from the same queue. Now one way to do this 
> I suppose would be to create an exchange per user to fan out and have 
> new temporary/auto_delete queue's for each connection

Why don't you simply create an auto_delete queue and bind it to the 
existing topic exchange exactly in the same way as the user's "primary" 

> So I modified the RabbitMQ-server code to add another boolean attribute 
> to each queue called 'broadcast'. When you declare a queue, you can turn 
> on 'broadcast' (default is false) and that will make all the 
> current/active consumers of the queue receive the message at once 
> instead of round-robining to a single consumer.

How do acknowledgements work in this scheme?


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