[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ in .NET Compact Framework

Andrius Norkaitis Andrius.Norkaitis at oryo.lt
Tue Apr 21 18:01:01 BST 2009

No, first exception was about referencing System.Uri which is unavailable.
But even removing this from Client constructor other compatibility issues

Mobile devices is near future and the need for messaging solution such as
RabbitMQ compatible with them would be increasing I think.


Currently in our country taxi's are using radios for voice communication and
we're looking forward how to implement messaging solution in 3G network for


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Is it incompatible because it tries to generate the code from the AMQP spec
and the Compact Framework doesn't support Reflection.Emit?

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I just tried to use rabbit .net Client in Microsoft .NET Compact Framework,
but it's incompatible with Compact framework. Any thoughts how to do
messaging in mobile environment?

I don't want to pull for new messages - subscriber functionality would be
great in my case. Perhaps we could workaround using one of XMPP component
compatible with .NET compact and rabbit xmpp gateway? Any thoughts and




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