[rabbitmq-discuss] Using C# client libraries and channel close

Steve Weaver weaveinator at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 00:36:54 BST 2009

Hi -
Still mostly a noob with RabbitMQ but have a question regarding opening a
channel to Rabbit.  I have multiple clients that are sending messages using
Basic Publish and the C# library.  They are all sending sporadically so they
just open a channel send the message, get an acknowledgment, and close the
channel.  Everything is fine until the queue gets to about its 900 or so
open/publish/close sessions and then the rabbit server just fails with that
'bad rpc' error when you try to stop or get a status.  From watching it
there seems to be a problem with the channel not actually closing on the
rabbitmq side (using some network tools) so assuming it can only have x
amount of connections open.  I am using ch.Close(int,string) where the int
is 0 if no errors or > 0 if there is and string is just "closing" or the
error if it got trapped.  In any samples I have found no one uses the close
method (so maybe that is what I'm doing wrong).  There is no documentation
that I can find that explains exactly what going on there so was wondering
if anyone has experienced this or can anyone give me a tip on the best way
to handle many concurrent connections.

Thanks very much for your help!!
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