[rabbitmq-discuss] shipping the amqp spec xml file

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Tue Apr 7 20:47:39 BST 2009


Esteve Fernandez wrote:
> I asked Tony about why RabbitMQ uses its own JSON spec file to
> generate the Java client API, and it seems it's because the XML file
> is not completely DFSG-free according to debian-legal. If so, do you
>  know the exact reasons why Debian considers the XML spec file as
> non-free?

See http://www.nabble.com/AMQP-license-td14190114.html for the relevant 
thread in debian-legal.

John Leuner (cc'ed), who kicked off that thread when he started looking 
at getting RabbitMQ into Debian, may want to add some more detail, but 
basically we decided that of the three options available to us: a) 
convince debian-legal that the spec is dfsg-free, b) convince the AMQP 
WG to change the wording, or c) produce a dfsg-free version of the 
information we need for code generation, we chose the latter as it had 
the highest probability of success and a predictable timescale.

Options a) or b) are more desirable in the long run, but we simply do 
not have the time to pursue them. If somebody else wants to pick this up 
they are most welcome.



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