[rabbitmq-discuss] wct + pubsub

Alexis Richardson alexis.richardson at cohesiveft.com
Tue Sep 30 14:14:56 BST 2008


On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 4:35 PM, Andrius Norkaitis
<Andrius.Norkaitis at oryo.lt> wrote:
>>1) Are you able to do pubsub without using WCF, i.e. using C# on its own?
> I think yes. I tested it in command prompt using sendstring and logtail
> examples:
> 1. Started 3 instances of CMD
> 2. In 1 and 2 instates of cmd typed:
> logtail dev.rabbitmq.com:5672 sub topic /eTaksi/Hello
> 3. In instance 3 typed:
> sendstring dev.rabbitmq.com:5672 sub topic / eTaksi/Hello "testas7"
> Both instances of logtail program got the messeage.
> OK. I use the same exchange as I declared in logtail example. Even I left
> these instances running to see if massages are coming.
>>If you could send us some sample code of what you want to achieve then
>>it will be easier for us to help you efficiently.  Would that be
>>possible please?
> I updated sample of "ConfigDemo" (changed service method to "OneWay" - we
> just need to publish and if not specified, replay channel with direct
> exchange is created and endpoint address).
> I uploaded it to http://rapidshare.de/files/40577065/ConfigDemo.zip.html

Cool - downloaded.

> 1. Start two instances of server.
> 2. Start client.
> If you're still running logtail, then you would see the SOP messages in all
> instances, but only one "Hello Bob" message is displayed in Server window.
> Sometimes in the first instance, sometimes in another...

Are both instances of the server running off the same (shared) queue?
That could explain the behaviour you are seeing.

If you want to get one copy of the message per subscribed client, you
need one queue per subscriber, and then to bind each queue to the
relevant exchange with the relevant key (direct case) or keys (topic

Without diving deeper into the code it looks to me like this is how
logtail is working (so "Both instances of logtail program got the
message."), but the second example is running off a shared queue (or
you have found a bug).

Can you check if I am right please.  If I am wrong we shall need
someone to dig deeper at this end, which we can do, but probably not
today or tomorrow.


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