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Dorian Raymer deldotdr at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 22:52:27 BST 2008

I was very excited by the recent thread announcing txAMQP! I heart Twisted!
I started playing with the
by Esteve, but I'm having trouble getting going.

I'm a rabbitmq newb (having a lot of fun getting started :) and I have
experience with Twisted.

I'm running rabbitmq 1.4.0 with the default database.
When running txamqp_example.py, I used these parameters:
hostname = "localhost",
port = 5672,
vhost = "/",
username = "guest",
password = "guest",
specFile (I tried both amqp.0-8.xml, and 0-9.xml)

The Problem (there is no error message to show...):

I am fairly certain a connection to the server is made; I get a client
object from the ClientFactory, but nothing happens after
client.start(....) is called in the gotClient callback.
Looking at the code, I expected to see things printed when messages are

I know the server is fine because I can run other clients successfully.

Is there any obvious mistake/gotcha that can be quickly pointed
out?...especially something particular to this code.
I tried setting the exchange, queue, and routing_key strings to be the same
as what I've been trying with my other clients; I'm still a little fuzzy on
these, but I thought the actual names didn't matter as long as they are
consistent between the producers and consumers using them.

I'm trying to familiarize myself with the usage patterns I've seen across
the different client libraries (mostly the java client and the py-amqplib).
Any other simple examples using txAMQP would be helpful!
I really want to get this working but I'm lost in uncertainty (I've never
wished for an error message so much...this week ;)

Thanks in advance for an help!
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