[rabbitmq-discuss] python stomp examples

Novak Joe joes.mailing.lists at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 16:26:40 BST 2008

  Thanks for the quick reply!

> Have you read Tony's article about how to install and run the STOMP
> adapter (which is not bundled with the Rabbit package for Debian)?
> http://www.lshift.net/blog/2008/04/30/stomp-adapter-updated-for-rabbitmq-130

Yes, in the interim I've now read through the article you mentioned
and got the STOMP adapter plugged in.  I've also successfully tested
it using the bundled ruby code.  I had to do it from source though -
the directions for Debian users installing the .deb package did not
quite work, as the Makefile specified the server name as:
but the debian package is:

Running the make file, after correcting this still gave an error about
the src directory not having a run target, so I started over with
everything from source and it worked quite well, but required the
erlang-dev package for debian.
> IIRC, this also contains client examples in Ruby and Perl.
I've now got the ruby examples running, but unfortunately I know
nothing about Ruby so it takes a little longer to figure out what is
going on.

> Also, if you would send in the error or ordinary response messages, it
> would help other people diagnose the problem.
Right, sorry about that - the problem was that there was no error -
there was no response of any kind, but this was definitely because I
hadn't installed the STOMP adapter, so that problem is now resolved.

> BTW, is your goal to speak to Rabbit from Python fullstop, or do you
> specifically need to use STOMP?
I specifically need to use STOMP, and I want to integrate this with
Orbited ( www.orbited.org ), and an existing pylons application.

> If you are just interested in the former, you may just want to start
> out with Barry's Python library for AMQP:
> http://barryp.org/software/py-amqplib/
I am also interested in finding out more about this, and actually just
received some sample python-AMQP code from another kind replier in
this list, which I think I neglected to reply-to-all to...

The stomp.py test program I'm using, which comes directly from the
site mentioned in my original post, is still giving the following
message: Bad CONNECT
content-length: 36

Missing login or passcode header(s)

despite my most certainly sending the headers.  But I suspect there is
some descrepancy between this and the ruby examples that ship with the
stomp adapter source, so maybe a bit of digging around will be
sufficient for me to solve this!

> HTH,
> Ben

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