[rabbitmq-discuss] [BUG] Erlang RabbitMQ client requires installed server code

Edwin Fine rabbitmq-discuss_efine at usa.net
Sun Sep 7 22:35:06 BST 2008


Thanks, I pulled down the latest client code from Mercurial, and it has
lib_amqp in it. I'll look at pulling down the server code, but please
understand that I actually need this stuff working by tomorrow, so I may
have to kluge something in the meantime, which I promise never to give to
you ;) But at least it will give me some experience so I mostly know what to
expect in the new code base.


On Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 9:01 AM, Ben Hood <0x6e6562 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Edwin,
> On Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 8:48 AM, Edwin Fine
> <rabbitmq-discuss_efine at usa.net> wrote:
> > needed to get things up and running). I am going to make my own
> > rabbit_common OTP application, and change the Erlang client to depend on
> it
> > rather than the server. I will also see what it takes to change the
> rabbit
> > 1.4.0 server itself to factor out the common code and to use this
> > rabbit_common application.
> Just FYI, please be aware that the server code base has moved on
> structurally since the 1.4.0 release, so you may want to code against
> something more recent, without of course coding against a moving
> target. Also, there are improvements in a branches in the client that
> will go back into the default branch, e.g. introduction of lib_amqp as
> a high level API.
> Ben
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