[rabbitmq-discuss] persistence

Lars Bachmann lars.bachmann at s2002.tu-chemnitz.de
Thu May 22 09:22:51 BST 2008


I made some more tests (changing the delay time before the channel  
shut down, changing number of messages to sent) and I think the  
problem is always the closed channel. Sometimes when the channel is  
closed before all messages are sent the result is that not all  
messages are received by the broker, sometimes the client throws an  
"IllegalStateException Attempt to use closed channel" and sometimes  
even the broker is affeted and dont respond anymore. (For me it is  
also very strange why sometimes from lets say 200000 messages 100000  
are sent and sometimes only 15000. Is there some buffering for  
messages before sending ?)

Anyway u mentioned that u know this problem with the closed channel  
and u re working on it and it ll be fixed with the next release. Can u  
say when the next release will be published ? (some weeks, months,  
years ;-))

In our company we comparing different messaging solutions and rabbitmq  
seemed to be a good one, but the problems with the presistent messages  
are unfortunatelly a big minus.


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