[rabbitmq-discuss] persistence

Lars Bachmann lars.bachmann at s2002.tu-chemnitz.de
Wed May 21 12:29:23 BST 2008


>> But if the communication between producer and broker takes too long  
>>  i get an "java.net.SocketException".
> What do you mean by "takes too long"?
Too long is the wrong word, lets better say too many messages. But Im  
not sure, in my last tests I didnt get this exception, but i got the  
"java.lang.IllegalStateException: Attempt to use closed connection"  
which is caused by trying to use the already closed channel. But the  
point is that even in this case the broker dont respond anymore. My  
system shows 100% processor use which is caused by the broker but i  
cant connect to the broker anymore.

Both log files are attached. Can u already say when the next release  
will be published ?


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