[rabbitmq-discuss] odd consumer behaviour

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Sat May 3 06:44:28 BST 2008


David.Corcoran at edftrading.com wrote:
> basic.get works great. The jobs with nested dependencies run with no
> problems.
> The only problem is that Channel basicGet is a non-blocking operation so to
> get my test running I'm polling and sleeping for a short amount of time if
> I get null. Is there a blocking, non-prefetching, version of basicGet?

There is no blocking basicGet. However, there is a way of controlling 
the prefetch window used by basicConsume, namely AMQP's basicQos method. 
Unfortunately this feature is as yet unimplemented in RabbitMQ. It's on 
our todo list.


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