[rabbitmq-discuss] Message routing

John Watson JWatson at sis.tv
Wed Nov 28 11:39:18 GMT 2007

Martin wrote
> This is the case because of the zero-config feature of AMQP. I.e. 
> install and run the software on 1000 boxes of your server farm without
any extra work.

Well, to me, this seems to be deferring the administration to some other
kind of process. Suppose that you wish to publish messages to 1000
different customers, each with their own box.  Let's say each customer
has his own routing rules, and that these rules are quite complex, and
change from time to time as and when business requirements change and
cause different subsets of the available messages to be received. 

Suppose also that you want to control the message routing yourself (in
response, say to a customer buying a new service from you), and you want
absolute control over the security of your own box.  What must you do?


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