[rabbitmq-discuss] Issues getting RabbitMQ running using apt-get

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Mon Mar 24 17:03:07 GMT 2014

On 13/03/14 15:48, Jason Frame wrote:
> When the dpkg starts the rabbitmq server, the process hangs with the
>  following output:
> Setting up rabbitmq-server (3.2.4-1) ...
> * Starting message broker rabbitmq-server
> The processing never continues and the dpkg script never finishes,

I know you posted the startup_log before, but is there anything in the 
other log files, i.e. startup_err and rabbit at webdb.log and 
rabbit at webdb-sasl.log?

 From the 'ps' output it looks like it may be stuck in dns resolution, 
which suggests that something isn't quite right with your name 
resolution setup.

It may also be worth upgrading Erlang - you are running R14B04, which is 
2.5 years old.


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