[rabbitmq-discuss] debugging lost queue on rabbit server switchover

Chris Friesen chris.friesen at windriver.com
Mon Mar 24 05:44:14 GMT 2014

On 03/23/2014 10:21 PM, Michael Klishin wrote:
> On 24 March 2014 at 05:41:00, Chris Friesen (chris.friesen at windriver.com) wrote:
>>> What's the best way for me to figure out how it got into this state?
> First make sure the queue was declared as durable.

Good point. :)

Since posting the original question I've been looking at the running 
system and at the code and it certainly looks like the queue was not 
declared durable, in which case a switchover could certainly explain the 
loss of the queue.

I'll keep digging on the assumption that this is likely what happened.


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