[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq crash

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Sun Mar 23 12:10:27 GMT 2014


On 23/03/14 11:48, inbal doron wrote:
> We have a rabbitmq clustered server running on 64 bit windows server
> 2008 machines.

What version of RabbitMQ are you running?

> Most of the time everything works great but once in a few days the
> rabbitmq server crashes and needs to be restarted (restart of rabbitmq,
> not of the entire machine).
> after the restart all is well for a few more days.
> following is the sasl log.
> The log refers to the disk monitor, but it doesn't seem like the machine
> ran out of space and after the restart everything works.

The disk monitor runs

   dir /-C /W "<mnesia-dir>"

and the error indicates that this was returning nothing, which is rather 
strange, especially since it evidently is not happening all the time.

Is your RABBITMQ_MNESIA_DIR (usually that is under 
%APPDATA%\RabbitMQ\rabbitmq\db) living on some strange volume, e.g. a SAN?



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