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Sun Mar 23 12:01:37 GMT 2014

I want to design a rabbit client framework to my project using Rabbitmq
Java client.
My goals it to set default behaviour for other team members using Rabbit.

Rabbit In Action eBook (chapter 6 "Writing code that survive failures")
recommends the following
1. wrap all code in try catch
2. wrap all in while true

something like this

   while tru:
       conn_broker = pika.BlockingConnection(conn_params)
       channel = conn_broker.channel()
       channel.exchange_declare( exchang
     except Exception, e:

Now, in parallel I understand another goal should be to hold one connection
to the server and multiple channels per thread and client.

Questions :
When exception occurs, will I need to check if connection is still open and
close it?
What if other consumer who uses it is alive and receiving? wouldn't it kill
it too?
Is it recomendded to open multiple connections?

Is there somewhere another design for this situation?
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