[rabbitmq-discuss] FW: RabbitMQ 3.2.4 crashes - std_alloc: Cannot allocate 1125562100111744 bytes of memory (of type "arg_reg")

Oskar Liljeblad oskar at osk.mine.nu
Fri Mar 21 08:44:08 GMT 2014

On Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 10:15, Matthias Radestock wrote:
> >The changes above was what Emile suggested some time ago (for the other
> >cluster crashes).
> Yes, but, as I said, the changes will prevent the logging of the error,
> which in turn prevents the crash. So it will fix your problem, but leaves us
> none the wiser as to the error itself.
> To repeat myself... there are two problems here: 1) some error occurs in
> rabbit, 2) the logging of the error causes a crash. By disabling logging we
> prevent the crash in (2) but at the expense of not being able to see the
> causing error (i.e. (1)) at all.
> >Isn't it the Erlang runtime that crashes?
> yes, but the error is likely caused by Erlang library code, not the runtime
> itself.
> >How do you suggest to troubleshoot this error?
> I've filed a bug to try to prevent the crash while still logging something.
> That might allow us to identify (1) but will be of no use to track down (2),
> and w/o this being easily reproducible the Erlang/OTP folks are unlikely to
> take an interest.

FYI, disabling HIPE seems to have done magic.
I would like to debug Erlang HIPE but it seems Debian does not provide
debugging symbols for the HIPE version.



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